Bushfire Gutter Guard

Bushfire Guard Mesh

Living Near the Bush? Protect Your Gutters!

If you live near the bush, you know that bushfires are a regular, and horrible, part of the dry season.

Part of what helps bushfires spread is airborne embers, especially when they land on something combustible like dry grass, open refuse, or leaf build up in your gutters. Following the Black Saturday bushfires, new standards have been outlined for fireproofing homes, and part of that is bushfire-rated gutter guards.

Stamp Out Bushfire Embers before the Blaze

Our Bushfire-Rated Guard Guards are specifically designed to stop embers from entering your gutter and roofing. They’re woven instead of moulded, giving them extra toughness, and are powder-coated for increased fire resistance. The 2mm aperture mesh stops incoming threats in their tracks and is perfect year-round for keeping your gutters clear and running.

The same protection from clogged gutters, now with added peace of mind.

Why Bushfire-Rated Gutter Guards Are Essential

Gutters clogged with debris, leaves, and other unwanted materials can become tinder dry in summer, making them dangerously combustible. During bushfires, wind gusts can carry burning embers for long distances. While most roofs can withstand some heat, the dry buildup in your gutters cannot and can quickly set fire to the rest of your roof and your home. In fact, the majority of homes destroyed or damaged by Australian bushfires fall victim to ember attacks.

Our installations prevent debris from building up by putting gutter protection mesh over your gutters. This mesh is designed to let water through while pushing other debris off, meaning no unclogging gutters and no additional fire hazards. They also block tiny bushfire embers from entering any gaps in your roof where they can smoulder and ignite.

But not all metal gutter guards work the same. Our Bushfire Gutter Guard protection is specially rated for bushfires, to be the best possible defence against clogged gutters and airborne embers. Their long-lasting, screw-down installation means it won’t be going anywhere, rain, hail, shine or bushfire.

Bushfire Guard Protection
Bushfire Guard Mesh

What is the Bushfire Attack Level?

Bushfire attack level (BAL) is a series of numbers that shows how vulnerable your home is to damage from a bushfire, and indicates the type of construction required. This is determined by location, vegetation, topography, and Fire Danger Index. Our Bushfire Gutter Guard is suitable for all BAL categories, even BAL-40 and BAL-FZ, so if you’re  fireproofing your home, you can rely on us.

If you’re in a high Bushfire Attack Level area, give yourself peace of mind — contact us today to get started. 

Gutter Guard For Bushfire Protection

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