Polymesh Gutter Guard

Polymesh Gutter Guard

Heavy-Duty Gutter Protection

When you need everyday plastic gutter protection, we’ve got your back with our heavy-duty Polymesh Gutter Guard system.

Plastic gutter mesh is great for all weather protection, does not corrode, and is free from contaminants, which is great if you’re feeding water into a reservoir. The gutter mesh pictured is our premium 1,000 grams per square metre stock made from high-quality food grade plastics, meaning no pollution, and no worries for you and your loved ones.

Our installations extend the entire width and length of your guttering for 100% coverage, and are designed to be smooth enough to let leaves and debris slide off easily. They come in multiple colours, and best of all, our Polymesh Gutter Guard installations are guaranteed bird-proof. No more nests, and no more mess.

We only use the most durable and UV-protected polymesh for our installations, meaning you can rely on our service to give you long-lasting and tear-resistant gutter guards that outperform other options available. While other gutter mesh on the market is lighter, and flimsy, even our plastic options are protected from water damage, UV deterioration, and blunt impact from tenacious critters, all while allowing water to flow through to protect your gutters and your home.

If you’re sick of cleaning your gutters and are ready for a better, sturdier, and greener way to protect your home, contact us today for an estimate.

Why Choose Polymesh?

High-Quality Gutter Guard All Year Round

Plastic gutter guard

Polymesh Gutter Guard For All Seasons

For gutter guards in Melbourne, Every Season Gutter Protection will protect your gutters through anything. Contact us to book an appraisal appointment today.